Terms and Conditions
Date of Last Update: September 30th, 2015

User Data, Service Security

Privacy and User Data. The data collected by a party from End Users will be subject to that party's standard privacy policies and the security, privacy and confidentiality provisions contained in this Agreement. In the event that Service Provider independently collect the same piece of data from End Users, each party will treat such data as it treats its own End User information under the terms of this Agreement. At a minimum each party's privacy policy will disclose (a) what personally identifiable information ("PII") is collected and how it will be used by that party, (b) the identity of the party collecting the personally PII, (c) whether PII is shared with third parties, (d) the use of any tracking technology, and (e) what security measures are in place to protect the PII. In addition, Service Provider agrees that, (i) where applicable law so requires, an application ("app") that collects PII must conspicuously post a privacy policy or other statement describing the app's privacy practices that provides clear and complete information regarding how PII is collected and shared, (ii) the submission process for new or updated apps ether must include (x) an optional data field for a hyperlink to the app's privacy policy or a statement describing the app's privacy practices or (y) an optional data field for the text of the app's privacy policy or a statement describing the app's privacy practices (for developers who choose to submit a hyperlink or text, Service Provider will enable access to such hyperlink or text from the Storefront), and (iii) Service Provider will maintain a means for End Users to report to Service Provider apps that do not comply with applicable terms of service and/or laws and a process for responding to such reports.