Futile Tiles
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Fit tiles to holes in fast-paced tapping frenzy. This original and addictive arcade puzzle game is simple to learn, yet it is one of the most difficult games known to mankind. Fun to play alone, even more amazing with friends. Two player cooperation and versus modes in a single device. I am aiming to keep the required phone permissions to the minimum. I don\'t have access and don\'t want to have access to your personal information such as email addresses or phone numbers. Explanations of the 22 game modes: A) Solo - Play alone. B) Cooperation - Play with a friend. Only one of you need to succeed to pass the level. C) Versus - Play with a friend. Both of you have to succeed to pass the level. Types of game controls: A) Tap to Rotate - Tap the screen to rotate the tiles. You can use more than one finger to tap at the same time. B) Tap to Rotate and Switch - Tap the right side of the screen to rotate the tiles and the left side to switch the type of the tiles. C) Gestures - Use gestures to change the type of the tiles. There are 4 gestures in default difficulty and 8 gestures in futile difficulty. Default difficulty has tap screen, touch screen continuously, swipe left and swipe right gestures. Futile difficulty has, in addition, swipe up, swipe down, pinch zoom in and pinch zoom out gestures. D) Scream and Shake - Make some noise to rotate and shake the phone to switch tiles. Only available in One Player - Experimental mode. Difficulty levels: A) Default Difficulty has 4 rotation angles and/or 4 types of tiles. B) Futile Difficulty has 8 rotation angles and/or 8 types of tiles. Futile difficulty can be unlocked by achieving 100 points in default difficulty. I would highly appreciate, if you would report any issues with the game to indiumindeed@gmail.com. I will try to fix them as soon as possible. Feature suggestion, such as new game modes, are also always welcome. Advertising Policy Disclosure: In order to generate some income for my wife and two babies, Futile Tiles is ad-supported. There is only one small banner ad in the one of the menus. If you tap on the advertisement, you will be typically directed to a web page of a third party. Permissions explained: Even, if I am aiming to keep the phone permissions at minimum, I could not really avoid using the following four permission: \"Record Sound\": Needed for detection of sound volume, when using Scream controls. \"Phone Vibration\": Used for enhancing the game play experience. For example, when a tile and a hole collide, the phone vibrates to give user feedback. Vibration intensity can be adjusted on the settings menu. Lower intensity consumes less battery. \"Full Network Access\" and \"View Network Connections\": Used for ads.
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