Chopper Combat Armada
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Do you think yourself a combat hero and have played many Tank Battles 3D games before. The environments of future wars are totally changed. Defending your helicopter from the enemy always needs full of actions and mature strokes of successful bullets fires with gun and heavy weapon, A helicopter will be the only active weapon in future wars, The only powerful and strong strategy changing tool which may combat and fight easily through number of days without demanding any more ammunitions and military soldiers. This 3D game is packed with heavy 3D stunning graphics. Think yourself a senior air chief marshal commander your target is to defend the urban area by enemy’s tank and anti aircraft guns .As a tank sergeant, you may order all your solders to hide secure their positions and defend their posts. Be on a corner and attack on every Hideout in front of their machine guns. The control of modern combat with full future fighting jets is in your hand a handy action game to let you explore your fighting and strategy skills to defend and overcome the urban areas.
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