Cool Buddies Physics Adventure
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Chubby love has never been this cute, fun or unstoppable! This is by far the cutest and most addictive physics game in the App Store ever! The goal is simple; by taping on different objects along the way give them movement so that the chubby lovers roll into each others arms! Sounds easy? It's not! Not only are the chubby lovers hard to move because of their size and position, but they tend to complicate their encounters even more with different obstacles! Love conquers it all! So please help this adorable lovers get together by carefully planing your strategy! Get ready to use your best logistics, physics and calculating skills to tap on the right objects at the right time! With amazing graphics and effects you will fall in love with this game from the start; just like love at first sight! So get ready for unlimited fun in this larger than life fun and extremely addictive game!
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