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Welcome to ABC world! Here's a fun ABC app filled with cute animations, sounds, and games for your little one. Key features: All letters (A-Z) are free and fully featured. Designed and optimized for tablets and phones. Three modes: ABC, SONG, and GAMES. All the modes are free. Rich sound effects and voice-overs. Every letter has a fun interactive object, word, and voice-overs. Every letter is displayed in uppercase and lowercase. All objects have real-world sounds and animations. For example, on touch: the airplane buzzes from one end of the screen to the other. the owl hoots and jumps around. the ball bounces. the panda squeaks and swings on a bamboo plant. the train chugs away with happy kids on it. the hungry yak keeps eating food. the magic candy jar empties and refills with candies nonstop. the drum, violin, keyboard, guitar, and xylophone lets you create music. Cute ABC song with an original soundtrack and attractive animation. Two fun games: CATCH-ME and PEEK-A-BOO! CATCH-ME - Get ready to catch letters that refuse to stay at one place! PEEK-A-BOO - Have fun finding the naughty letters hiding behind the balloons! Games have engaging visuals, music, and voice-overs. Games provide more fun ways for your little ones to know the alphabets.
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